MEMORIES of our last

physically attended WIN AGM 2020

WIN 20th Anniversary Annual General Meeting

Do you remember our 20th Anniversary?

What a wonderful event! No one ever thought what was going to expect us all upon our return back to home and office! Who would have ever thought that this Anniversary was going to be the last AGM for a while!

Here a short recap for you:   

At this WIN 20th Anniversary Annual General Meeting record number of attendees 115 persons gathered to conduct the AGM and celebration of the 20th Anniversary at the AVANI+ Riverside Hotel in Bangkok.

115 participants including some of our member's spouses and we were also very happy to welcome Sir Eligio Oggionni and Mr. Daniel Stein, two former Chairmen of WIN. Unfortunately, Mr. S.K. Leong could not attend but sent his best wishes for this WIN Anniversary and achievements.

Not only we conducted the AGM process as it is required by Law to be done for Associations, but also we conducted a first session on behalf of WIN Logistics AG as "shareholders" to decide on the projects and tools to be developed for the benefit of the WIN members.


First time in Bangkok

It was in fact the third time WIN conducted its AGM in Thailand however it was the first time we gathered in Bangkok. Furthermore, this time the AGM was entirely organized by WIN office following the new rules that no host should be bothered with organizational tasks of an AGM. The venue and the concept were perfect and proved to be right for WIN.

Apart from the official conference, discussions and the elections, 20 Bilateral meeting sessions were offered to members. And obviously the Gala Evening, the 20 Year Celebration of WIN presented the highlight of this 2020 AGM.

The Gala Evening turned into an "Oscar Night" with golden Oscars for every delegate recognizing the 20 years WIN network history.

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WIN 2020 Recap

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